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Landscape & Lighting

There's no question that exterior lighting is a deterrent to crime, and we all sleep more soundly knowing that the outside of our home is properly lighted. Having a beautiful lighting design is the icing on the cake. Of the many Orlando landscaping services, we are exceptional--largely because of the attention we pay to our lighting designs.

Our energy efficient lights save you money, help protect your home, and make it look beautiful. Whether you want your home's exterior to look stately, dazzling, or simple and understated, the right lighting is essential to giving your home the look you love.

Your Unique Theme

We will design the lighting to complement the theme you have chosen for your home.

Your theme will combine the following:

  • The Right Colors
  • Perfect Shading
  • Proper Balance
  • Subtle Yet Crisp Contrast

Impressive lighting really brings out the best in landscape design, and we can help you put together a lighting scheme that is unique. Prograde Landscaping's innovative lighting designs along with our use of leading edge technology can give your home that special pop.

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